Disused Stations website with the aim of creating a definitive database of the UKs closed stations. The work to complete the database is still ongoing and will take many years to complete. To date there are 1300 stations on the site and it is visited by thousands of people every week. This book, the second in the series compiled by Paul Wright a major contributor to the website, is intended to as a stand alone record while also acting as a companion to the Disused Stations Website. It follows roughly the same format but as a book it will appeal to those who want to have something tangible to read and have available on their bookshelf. With so many stations now on the Website it was difficult to decide which stations would/should be included in this book. The idea of selecting terminus stations from the North West, an area steeped in railway history seemed like an interesting point to start. In this book they are ordered by the year of opening, being a good way of showing how the network developed, expanded and eventually contracted