Following the success of Alan's semi-autobiographical Sixties Boys books, he has yet again come up with another gem with Sixties Boys On Tour. Modern Edge, a band formed in the 60s had a great following until they disbanded in the mid 70s. Band member Nick gets a surprise phone call from a music promoter, who wants to know if the band would be interested in headlining a 1960s UK Revival Tour. Living in a dingy flat on his own after a failed marriage and his two kids treating him like an old geriatric who has never had a life, he has had enough. Little do they know that he was once a Sixties pop idol and experienced things that they could only dream about. With a present day setting Nick decides he wants to go back to those days and sets out to find the band members who he has not kept in contact with or seen for over thirty five years.Nick has great difficulty and some sadness along the way in trying to locate some of the guys. Finally he gets the band back together again and they go on tour to try to recapture the sounds that had once made them famous. Five time-worn OAPs trying to relive their youth is a recipe for hilarious escapades with old flames, adversaries, chaotic gigs and lots more, all told in Alan's inimitable racy style.