The 66th volume in this growing series taking a nostalgic look at Britain's transport heritage...The aim of this series is to appeal to readers of all ages, perhaps for different reasons...In this volume, the first of an occasional 64-page version in the series, we travel back to Scotland in the years 1963 and 1964 to take a nostalgic look at the street scenes in locations throughout the country. The majority of images in this volume are in black & white, this having been the more affordable and readily available film back in those pre digital days; however, a real treat within are the wonderful colour images taken in Glasgow featuring the trolleybuses of the period - now long since gone. For the younger reader there are wonderful pictures of buses, coaches, trolleybuses, cars and other forms of road transport that they will never have seen. The Recollections series sets out to place road transport and other subjects in the context of key events, thus providing an historical perspective of Britain in times past.For those old enough to remember 1963/64, this book will, we hope, provide reminders for many of schooldays, time spent on holiday or on a day trip, perhaps even time spent on these very streets and riding on the vehicles featured! Of course the books in the series also make ideal theme gifts for the year of birth, marriage, retirement, starting work and other such events in life