The aim of this series is to appeal to readers of all ages, perhaps for different reasons... In this volume: We travel back to Blackpool in the year 1972This is the second Recollections ‘Sixty Four’ volume denoting that it has 64 pages rather than the normal 48 pagesFor the younger reader there are wonderful pictures of trams many of which are no longer in service while others that form part of the heritage fleet that proves so popular during the season on the now modernised network For the older reader the books are designed to build into a collection placing transport in the context of key events thus providing an historical perspective of travel in times past. For those old enough to remember the years depicted, the series will, we hope, provide reminders for many of school days, time perhaps spent on holidays, train-spotting, shed bashing and generally gricing! The books also make ideal theme gifts for the year of birth, marriage, retirement, starting work and other such events in life.