Vol 101 Railways & Recollections: The East German Narrow Gauge

Philip Horton

By the mid 1980s the closure or dieselisation of East Germany's remaining narrow gauge railway lines was thought to be imminent. These were concentrated in three areas: the Harz Mountains near to the West German border, the Baltic Coast in the north and around Dresden in the south. All the lines, owned by the East German State Railways 'Deutsche Reichsbahn', operated 365 days of the year. Some of the steam engines used were of the size and weight of an equivalent standard gauge one. After reuni? cation in October 1990, the railways of a united Germany became known as the Deutsche Bahn, although during the next decade all the narrow gauge lines were privatised. The motive power under the DR is described for each line and compared with that of today. Each of the former State run passenger services is also summarised. The name of its current private operator is given so that their most recent timetable (Fahrplan) can be consulted on line and compared with that of the past. By the summer of 1992 the Author and his wife had visited and photographed all of the remaining lines. Based on these visits he describes each in turn while individual maps are also provided. The passenger services and motive power under the DR/DB are also compared with those in 2017/18. The book will provide an essential guide to anyone planning a visit.