The Illustrated Guide to Amphibious Warfare Vessels

Charts the complete history of amphibious warfare, including operations in Gallipoli, Dieppe, the Pacific, Normandy, Leyte Gulf, Iwo Jima, Vietnam, the Falklands and the Middle East. Features a directory of landing ships, detailing conventional personnel and cargo carriers, welldeck "dock ships" and modern multi-function ships, accommodating helicopters, landing craft, military personnel, their vehicles and equipment. Also features a directory of landing craft, fram raped beaching craft to present-day high-speed air-cushion craft, including amphibious tracked landing vehicles and peripheral activities such as minesweeping and obstacle clearance. Specification boxes provide at-a-glance information about each vessels's county of origin, displacement, dimensions, armament, machinery, power and endurance. Includes a glossary explaining naval acronyms, abbreviations and key terminology, and illustrated with more thank 530 archive photographs.