Moved By Steam: Beside the Tracks and on the Trains, 1962 - 67

By Richard Inwood & Mike Smith

Fifty years ago, in 1959, Burton on Trent schoolboys Richard Inwood and Mike Smith met on a train. Subsequently, as members of a Locospotters club, they and their enthusiast colleagues attempted to see, record and ride behind as much British steam traction as possible in its last years of regular service. They travelled widely over the BR network, from Cromford & High Peak to Somerset & Dorset, from Oxford to Oxenholm, and this book is a personal record of their travels.In it they attempt to convey what it felt like to be an enthusiast in those days when there was still so much to be seen, but when time and money were frustratingly short...
Supporting the entertaining text are more than 200 previously unpublished photographs, all but two taken by the authors at the time and thus captioned with a special immediacy that brings the story alive.

" Here is a book with that tingle factor to bring memories flooding back to those old enough to remember the colourful last days of steam."
David St John Thomas