Ronny Bar Profiles - German Fighters of the Great War Vol 1

By Ronny Bar

When Anthony Fokker introduced his Eindecker with its practical machine gun synchronisation system, allowing him to fire a machine gun on the line of flight between the rotating propeller blades, the true fighter aircraft was born.

Throughout most of the First World War, German fighter pilots fought with courage, clever tactics, and technically impressive aircraft against a numerically superior enemy. And thanks to a government-backed advertising campaign, collectible cards, newspaper articles, promotions, awards and the flamboyant and colourful finishes of their mounts, they were arguably the ‘rock stars’ of the Great War.

In Ronny Bar Profiles – German Fighters of the Great War Volume I, renowned profile artist Ronny Bar presents an exciting and colourful selection of more than 350 highly detailed profiles of the most important German-built single-seat fighters operational during the war. This volume, the first of two, covers the early to mid-war period, from the Fokker Eindecker of 1915 to the Albatros D-V of 1917