Old So Kool 2 – The Lost Years

By Paul Pilgrim and Steven O'Hara

Bursting from the shadows with a blast of 80s colour and energy, Old So Kool showcased the incredible wealth of underground artistry that emerged during the UK graffiti scene’s golden age. Now authors Paul Pilgrim and Steven O’Hara are back with a fresh selection of prime cuts from the era’s premier graffiti painters.

Old So Kool: The Lost Years unearths a second treasure trove of beautiful pieces – many of them having lain dormant and unseen for decades. Join Paul and Steven as they continue their nostalgic journey back to those unprecedented days of chaos and wonder, when Britain’s best artists wielded rattle cans instead of paint brushes, their canvas the grim landscapes of urban decay.

First 250
The first 250 will have their name in the back and copies will be signed by the Authors.