Half Century, Baby! Vol 11

By David Parsons & Mads Bangso 

Hot on the heels of Half Century, Baby! Fifty Years of the Grumman F-14 Tomcat, authors David Parsons and Mads Bangsø present a second collection of stunning photographs, beautiful profiles, evocative artworks and recollections from a host of Tomcat pilots and RIOs.
The spectacular variable-geometry F-14 enjoyed the longest operational career of any US Navy fighter to date and notoriously still serves with the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force. Navy Tomcats saw action over the Gulf of Sidra, over Lebanon, during Desert Storm, in Bosnia and later in Afghanistan and during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
The last American F-14 combat mission took place on February 8, 2006, when two Tomcats dropped bombs over Iraq before landing on the USS Theodore Roosevelt and since then many have been scrapped – though a number survive today as museum and display pieces.
As with volume 1, this new book presents unparalleled insights on one of the world’s most famous, successful and beloved combat aircraft. Don’t miss out on this second treasure trove of F-14 goodness!