* Challenge the Artist Edition *

Following on from the success of the Calming Art series we bring you a special edition follow-up.

Art therapy has become a popular anti-stress activity, and this publication provides 48 images suitable for colouring in with artists' pencils. Comprising spiritual symbols, stunning artworks and the beauty of the natural world, Calming Art's pages provide a relaxing and creative release from the pressures of modern life.

About the Artist
Catherine was born and brought up on the Isle of Bute in Scotland. Gaining an honours degree in communication and media led her to a variety of jobs including working as a camp counsellor in San Francisco and teaching English in China. She has also lived and worked in both Edinburgh and London, and  completed a diploma in illustration and a course in art design.

After meeting her now husband and having a daughter, Catherine trained as a teacher and her family relocated to the Scottish Highlands where she started a job at a primary school. She currently works as an educational writer, illustrator and tutor.

In both her professional and personal life, Catherine’s love of art has been a constant. She considers a range of comic book artists to be her inspiration, while more recent enjoyment has come from Zentangle art. Catherine sells her work through a variety of galleries and craft fairs and has illustrated for a number of websites.

I have thoroughly enjoyed creating the colouring pages for this special edition of Calming Art. I love drawing in this style, and if you’re reading this then I suspect you do too. So, now it’s time to Challenge the Artist. I’ve created 48 illustrations, one example fully coloured in and one ready and waiting for you to apply your own creative touch.

These images give you the option to lose yourself in the process of recreating my work, or free your mind and relax by producing something unique using the same basic concept. As you go, I invite you to share with others on Twitter by using the hashtag #ChallengeTheArtist. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.