Aviation Classics: British Cold War Stories

The cold war was a time of lasting unease in Britain as the great nuclear superpowers challenged one another on the international stage-with the threat of global atomic annihilation sometimes drawing a little too close for comfort. Yet the cold war also saw a host of magnificent British-made aircraft take flight as the nation fought to maintain its position on the top-tiers of military might and commercial success.

Some, such as the Hawker Hunter, Avro Vulcan, English Electric Lightning and Hawker Siddeley Harrier, were world-beating fighting machines in their day. Others, such as the Supermarine Swift, proved to be spectacular failures. All were flown by highly skilled pilots, sometimes under the most unusual and demanding of circumstances.

Within this volume you will find a collection of real-life stories concerning incidents, accidents, events, decisions, mistakes, oddities, arguments and above all beautiful British aircraft from the cold war period. Each of the 17 pieces comes with a guarantee of painstaking research carried out by some of the finest aviation historians working around the world today.