This publication from Kelsey Publishing looks at the rivalry between major aerospace companies in Europe and the USA and how they have come to dominate the manufacture of large aircraft for the world’s airlines. Going back to the beginning, we learn how each of these aviation giants became established as world leaders, with the Boeing going back to the inter-war years and its rivalry with Douglas and Lockheed. While in Britain, emerging from the Second World War the Comet and Viscount were among the leading airliners, before entering into the first Anglo-French programme which paved the way for international aerospace collaboration in Europe. Today, Boeing’s 737 Max represents its response to the highly successful Airbus A320 NEO, but it’s grounding after two fatal accidents call into question the company’s attitude to safety. Meanwhile, the worldwide Covid 19 pandemic in 2020 poses unprecedented challenges to the world’s airlines and aircraft manufacturers. How will this affect the rivalry between the world’s two biggest builders of airliners?