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Mortons Media Group are preparing to publish a new range of non-fiction books which will accompany the pre-existing 25-30 bookazines produced each year. Mortons Books are searching for non-fiction authors that have a particular interest in writing for different genres and a range of topics. These subjects will vary- from railway, military and aviation history to consumer issues, hobbies, crime and politics.

Mortons Books are interested in commissioning original non-fiction titles by exceptional writers on all historical and consumer topics.

We welcome new submissions in the form of:

  1. • A synopsis no longer than a page
  2. • A list of chapters with a brief description of what is in each one
  3. • A proposed word count
  4. • Your appraisal of who you think will buy your book and why

Previous professional writing experience is not essential but if you have any please let us know. If you have already had a book or books published, please include the title(s) and ISBN(s).

Every proposal will be reviewed and we aim to reply swiftly to every proposal whether successful or not.

If you would like to submit your book for consideration, or for more information, contact Publisher Steven O’ Hara at